Item Types

There are several item (price) types the system recognizes. Different items are handled differently. Here are common types.

Simple Items

Regular items are simple items that are pretty straightforward. One item corresponds to one price. Every simple item has a mention about its cost and an average retail price for your reference. Examples: IDD_PS, AVER_SC, CREDIT_AX, & more.

Dimensioned Items

Some searches could be differentiated by location, or entity. For example: State Criminal Records Search, SCRM_CS_<state> - is a search that could be localized by state, so the SKU could take different suffix depending on the state - ie. SCRM_SC_CA for California or SCRM_SC_NY for New York and so on. There are 4 dimension masks:

  1. <state> for State
  2. <state>_<county> for combination of State and County
  3. <district> - for Court District
  4. <country> - for Country


Additional Search Discounts are dependent items that are assigned to a parent item. Discounts could be simple or dimensional. You can specify discount amount via static value (ie dollar amount), or calculated by percentage of parent item price. Discounts will have _SD suffix in its SKU.


  • ICRMNW_SD is a discount for a simple parent item ICRMNW_SC
  • IEVSS_SC_<state> is a dimensional item that has IEVSS_SD_<state> as its discount. Mask suffix has to be identical for items to match up.

Unlimited Alias Searches (Consolidated)

Unlimited Alias Discount Searches will consolidated: multiple lines of same item will be merged into one item with references to suffixes. For example: County Criminal Records Search - CCRM_SC_<state>_<county> with multiple counties will be displayed as one item with the list of counties it was search in.


Sometimes searches are grouped by packages. Packages are differentiated by its name. They will appear in the packages section of client pricing after it is imported from the backend. Pricing on packages is done via markup, which you can apply either by a dollar amount, or by percentage of original cost of the item.


Passthru items are external fees and charges that are not directly associated with BSA. Examples are Employer Fees - EMP_FEE, School Fee - SCH_FEE, or a generic FEE. These items are markup up using percentage of its original cost. We recommend leaving 0% markup, passing the fee untouched.