Quick Start Guide

What is BSA Invoicing

BSA Invoicing is a tool from BSA that is designed to simplify invoicing process for consultant's client companies. This software will give you access to search logs, will help you automate the creation of invoices, and assist you with management of clients. It will enable per-client customization of item names and prices, sales tax, and give you ability to choose from print templates, and export your final data to various formats including QB Online via API.


Invoices are generated based on your search history in the backend. Each invoice will sum up the history of searched within a billing period. The application is capable of automatically naming and pricing the line items, so only thing left to do is to present the invoice to your client.

Invoice Life Cycle

The process begins with BSA loading search history into the database at the end of each billing period.
The system will separate the records by client number, file number and applicant name.

If you had setup client default pricing previously, prices and taxes will be applied automatically and invoices will be ready to go.
In case prices have not been set, the system will prompt you to enter the missing information.

After import and pricing, the invoice will be ready to print or export.

How to begin

Start with setting up your company's credentials.
  • Go to settings and upload your logo, check if other info (email, phones, address) is accurate.
  • Check the Invoice settings .
  • If you plan to export to QuickBooks online, use [this manual] on how to set it up.
  • Next, setup [client credentials] and pricing.

After you went through the setup, Invoices will be imported and priced automatically.

App Navigation

BSA Invoicing consists of several key parts:

  • dashboard
  • client portal
  • invoice editor
  • settings

Managing Clients

Client companies will be added to the system, as they appear in the search logs.

You will be notified in the dashboard about the list of new clients.
Each client will be assigned a profile, where you can add a logo, credentials, and product pricing.
Read more info about managing clients here .

Invoice Editor

All invoices can be customized in Invoice Editor.
You can adjust every aspect of it, including number, from & to, net terms, item names and prices, tax and discount.
Here, you can also print or export the invoice into desired format.
More info at: using invoice editor